My Top 3 Favourite Car Insurance Adverts

Car insurance is a pretty boring subject, I am sure everyone will agree. However , with it being a legal requirement in most countries, it is very big business and providers are operating in a very competitive environment. Therefore huge advertising budgets are allocated and given to advertising agencies to build their brand, engage their audience and gain mindshare in the millions of motorists who will be looking for a policy renewal in the coming weeks and months.

Here some of my top picks when it comes to adverts shown on television:

Dave feels so epic in this ad staring Sharon Osbourne of X-Factor fame. This advert has had a tone of airplay in the UK where this advertiser is a very big player.

Paul Whitehouse has starred in many TV commercials in a long-running series for this large insurance provider, again in the United Kingdom. Here is a ballroom dance nut, who decides to spend the spare cash he has saved on new dancing gear. Nice.

This one is about the ultimate fixer. Some of the comments complain this advert is in bad taste.I am not sure about that myself, I think it is pretty well shot and scripted.